‘Building Rapport’ course released as part of new leadership series

‘Building Rapport’ course released as part of new leadership series

Building good relationships with customers is crucial to providing unforgettable service experiences. By knowing how to build rapport, staff can create and nurture positive connections with their customers to foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Allara Global’s new course, Building Rapport, explores the use of conversation, personalisation, body language and managing emotional reactions to help staff develop their communication skills to create memorable experiences for customers. The course explores:

  • Key tips to build rapport successfully
  • How to personalise service to build rapport
  • The do's and don'ts of good conversation
  • Non-verbal cues of success in building rapport; and
  • Personal characteristics to draw on when working to build rapport.

The Building Rapport course joins the Allara Global library as the first release in a new leadership series, emerging from our acquisition of JERRY, the premium online learning resource for hospitality and beverage professionals. Additional courses from the leadership series will continue to be released over the coming months.

As part of Allara Global's commitment to growing and evolving the JERRY offering, all content will undergo an upgrade and enhancement prior to its relaunch early this year. With a new look and format, the interactive courses will incorporate scenario-based learning and concept checking questions to deliver an engaging learning experience.

Built to be both mobile and desktop friendly, users can easily access and revisit their learning resources anytime, anywhere.

For more details or to access a demo of the Building Rapport course, visit the course page.