Cleaning: Infection Control & Prevention - Course release

Cleaning: Infection Control & Prevention - Course release

The spread of infectious diseases poses a serious health and safety risk to a business’s employees and customers, and can have a significant impact on workplaces through absenteeism and disruption of services.

It is essential that all staff have a thorough understanding of the principles related to controlling the spread of infection in the workplace, and the cleaning practices that can help keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Allara Global’s new course provides employees with the knowledge and practical skills needed to ensure your workplace is adhering to standard infection prevention and control procedures. Participants will complete the Cleaning: Infection Control & Prevention course with an understanding of best practices around cleaning guidelines for the workplace, including the safe and appropriate use of cleaning agents. 

The course covers a range of essential workplace cleaning topics and integrates concept checking questions to test learners’ critical thinking skills. Course topics explored include:

  • How infections spread in the workplace
  • Precautions that can be taken to help limit the spread of infection
  • Personal responsibilities towards safety and hygiene
  • Risk assessment of areas of concern and use of cleaning products
  • Cleaning frequently touched areas and upholding standards.

Designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across both mobile and desktop devices, your team can conveniently undertake and revisit the training anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about the Cleaning: Infection Control and Prevention course, or request a free demo here.