Deliver WHS training anytime, anywhere

Deliver WHS training anytime, anywhere

Every year in Australia, workplace accidents result in over 500 deaths and 600,000 compensable injuries. Workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses cause personal pain and suffering, financial loss to employees, and organisational costs.

Allara Global's new mobile-friendly Work Health and Safety course teaches employees how to manage safety hazards at work, to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the workplace - including your employees, customers, visitors and suppliers.

The interactive course helps learners understand the relevance of WHS in their role, and supplies them with the knowledge needed to apply solid WHS practices to prevent accidents at work.

It provides a broad overview of essential WHS principles, including:

  • How to identify hazards and risks
  • Following WHS policies and procedures
  • Using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Performing correct manual handling procedures
  • Preventing accidents in the workplace
  • Following emergency procedures.

This course is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

For a demo of the course, please send us an enquiry.