Developing your team’s emotional intelligence - New leadership course

Developing your team’s emotional intelligence - New leadership course

Emotional intelligence is all about our ability to effectively understand and express ourselves, relate to others, and cope with daily pressures in a constructive way.  

Research points to emotional intelligence as a critical factor for effective performance at work. High emotional intelligence has been linked to better communication and greater openness to new ideas. It helps individuals to be more adaptable, manage difficult situations calmly and effectively, and build stronger team connections. These types of interpersonal skills are essential for success in the workplace — even more so than just knowing how to do your job. In fact, studies suggest that in upper management roles, emotional intelligence makes up 80-90% of the characteristics needed to succeed at the job!

Allara Global’s new Emotional Intelligence course provides learners with the skills required to have positive interactions with their colleagues and customers. The course covers:

  • What emotions are, and the five core human emotions
  • The four domains of emotional intelligence
  • How to develop self-awareness and self-management
  • How to develop social awareness and relationship management
  • The role of empathy in managing relationships
  • What the limbic system is, and how it influences your emotions
  • What emotional agility means and how to strengthen your emotional agility
  • Specific techniques and strategies to help you build emotional intelligence.

Scenario-based questions are incorporated throughout the course, challenging learners to think about the best way to respond to different situations they may encounter at work.

The Emotional Intelligence course joins the Allara Global library as part of our new leadership series. Existing courses in the series include Building RapportVerbal and Non-Verbal Communication and Personal Grooming & Hygiene. All courses in the suite are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices from mobile to desktop, making it easy for your team to complete anytime, anywhere.

For more information or to access a demo of the Emotional Intelligence course, please visit the course page.