New course - Diversity and Inclusion

New course - Diversity and Inclusion

Wherever you live or work in Australia today, you will be in constant contact with people from a vast range of cultural and social backgrounds. When employees are at work this includes both co-workers and customers.

Allara Global’s new interactive course, Diversity and Inclusion, helps employees understand the importance of workplace diversity, the benefits it has for teams and businesses, and how they can contribute to creating a safe and inclusive workspace.

The course covers the theory of Diversity and Inclusion, exploring key concepts and touching on the ways to best promote diversity at work. This is followed by a scenario-based, gamified learning section, where learners will move through a workplace and help solve a range of issues employees are faced with. 

To successfully complete the course, learners will need to draw on their prior knowledge and personal experiences to respond appropriately to each of the challenges that are presented.

Optimised for both mobile and desktop viewing, employees can conveniently access this course anytime, anywhere, making it easy to complete training around their work commitments.

To find out more or to get a demo of the Diversity and Inclusion course, visit the course page.