New course released - Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

New course released - Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

Every workplace uses chemicals to some extent, ranging from mild cleaning agents through to highly corrosive, flammable and poisonous substances. According to the UN, chemicals are one of the biggest contributors to workplace injuries, either due to employees misusing products or having insufficient protection against them.

Allara Global’s new Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace course provides practical guidance to ensure staff know how to manage the health and safety risks associated with the hazardous chemicals they may use or encounter at work.

This course explores a range of topics related to safely handling, storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals. Incorporating scenario-based learning and concept-checking questions, learners are required to draw on the information provided in the course and their own knowledge to successfully complete the activities.

Topics covered include:

  • The definition of hazardous chemicals
  • Roles and responsibilities when dealing with hazardous chemicals
  • Identifying types of hazardous chemicals
  • Accurately reading Safety Data Sheets and signage
  • Risk management processes
  • Emergency equipment and procedures for dealing with hazardous chemicals.

This training course is both mobile and desktop friendly, making it easy for your team to complete anytime, anywhere.

Visit the Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace course page for more details or to access a demo.