Personal Grooming & Hygiene - New course released

Personal Grooming & Hygiene - New course released

Having well-presented staff is an essential pillar of providing great customer service. Before even interacting with your staff, customers may have already formed an opinion about your business based on their presentation.

Allara Global’s new course, Personal Grooming & Hygiene, helps your team make a good first impression to ensure customers remember your business for all the right reasons. In this course, staff will learn how to maintain their personal grooming and hygiene to a high professional standard. This interactive course covers:

  • How personal grooming and hygiene affects the customer experience
  • Personal grooming standards at work
  • How to create and maintain a hygiene routine
  • Which products are necessary for personal hygiene and grooming; and
  • How to approach a staff member who has issues with their personal grooming and hygiene.

The course joins the Allara Global library as part of a new series of personal development courses, sitting alongside other library newcomers, Building Rapport and Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. Additional courses from the series will continue to be released over the coming months.

Interested in the Personal Grooming & Hygiene course? Visit the course page for more information or to access a demo.