New ‘First Aid Basics’ online staff training

New ‘First Aid Basics’ online staff training

It’s not every day that employees are required to use First Aid in the workplace, but preparedness is important in ensuring individuals are confident in knowing what to do in case an emergency situation arises.

Allara Global's new course, First Aid Basics aims to equip learners with the knowledge needed to confidently respond to any first aid emergency they may encounter at work. This course covers the steps employees should take to help an injured or sick person in the first minutes following an accident to prevent further discomfort or injury, as well as the processes to follow in contacting emergency services and reporting incidents.

Through completing this scenario-based training course, learners will gain an understanding of:

  • What First Aid is
  • Signs and symptoms of injuries that may require First Aid
  • How to treat injuries sustained in the workplace
  • The importance of privacy and workplace procedures
  • Emergency services and how to accurately report events


The interactive course is accessible on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computers, making it easy for your team to complete training anytime, anywhere.