New JERRY 'Introduction to American Whiskey' Course

New JERRY 'Introduction to American Whiskey' Course

American whiskey is the world's most versatile style of whiskey. It can be enjoyed neat, or mixed in cocktails such as the Manhattan, Mint Julep and Old Fashioned. However, unlike many other spirits, with whiskey cocktails you're meant to taste the whiskey.

The history of American whiskey is inextricably linked with the history of America. In fact, many of today's brands and bottles make historical references to the people and places where the whiskey originated.

This introductory course will provide a basic understanding of the spirit and will explore:

  • A brief history of American whiskey and how it is made
  • How to read an American whiskey label; including information on the styles of whiskey and the most common American whiskey brands
  • How to recommend a whiskey cocktail to a guest
  • The basics of popular whiskey cocktails.

The course joins the Allara Global library as part of the JERRY series. We’ll be continuing to release even more of these great courses to the series over the coming months.

Get your tasting glass ready because you will want to test your knowledge with a tasting activity at the end of this course.