New JERRY 'Introduction to Gin' Course

New JERRY 'Introduction to Gin' Course

Gin is a widely popular spirit known for its distinct flavour, which derives from juniper berries. With a long and fascinating history, gin is so much more than just ‘flavoured vodka’. Unlike many other spirits, gin is almost exclusively consumed in cocktail form. While it is undoubtedly delicious on its own, especially in today's craft spirit climate, traditionally gin has not been a sipping drink.

In this introductory course, you will gain a basic understanding of the Juniper-laced spirit. This course will explore:

  • A brief history of gin and how it is made
  • How to read a gin label; including information on the styles of gin, gin from around the world, and the most common gin brands
  • How to recommend a gin cocktail to a guest
  • The basics of popular gin cocktails.

The course joins the Allara Global library as part of the JERRY series. We’ll be continuing to release even more of these great courses to the series over the coming months.

It's time to take your gin knowledge to the next level!