New JERRY 'Introduction to Whiskey' Course

New JERRY 'Introduction to Whiskey' Course

Whiskey - it changes name and spelling depending on where it's made and its style, which is why it can feel like the largest overarching family of spirits.

Whiskey is a huge spirit category, and can be divided into different geographical regions. From Scotch, to Irish Whiskeys, to Bourbon Whiskeys, and even stretching as far as Japanese Whiskies - the difference between each spirit essentially comes down to sourcing, mash content, the aging process, and the demographic region. In this Introduction to Whiskey course, you will gain a basic understanding of the spirit and the different styles that exist.

This course will explore:

  • A brief history of whiskey and how it is made
  • How to read a whiskey label; including information on the styles of whiskey, whiskey from around the world, and the most common whiskey brands
  • How to recommend a whiskey cocktail to a guest
  • The basics of popular whiskey cocktails.

The course joins the Allara Global library as part of the JERRY series. We’ll be continuing to release even more of these great courses to the series over the coming months.

So get ready to work for your next glass of whiskey, and let's begin!