Cyber Security Awareness - New online course

Cyber Security Awareness - New online course

Allara Global has released a new course, Cyber Security Awareness.

As our world grows increasingly digital, cyber attacks threatening computer systems and networks are becoming more frequent and more severe. It’s crucial that your employees understand the potential risks when using company technology and their duties in preventing any security breaches.

Allara Global's new Cyber Security Awareness course uses real life scenarios and thought-provoking challenges to provide employees with the knowledge required to prevent data breaches, identify potential security risks and apply careful practices when working online.

Course content covers:

  • What cyber security is
  • Understanding areas of cyber security risks
  • Identifying and preventing cyber security threats, such as social engineering and malware
  • Consequences of cyber security breaches
  • Securing data, devices and workspaces
  • Steps to follow in the event of a security breach

This interactive course is accessible on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computers, making it easy for your team to complete training anytime, anywhere.