New online course - Drug and Alcohol Awareness

New online course - Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Performing duties whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a leading contributor to workplace injuries in Australia. It’s crucial that both employers and employees understand their responsibilities at work, and that every workplace has a drug and alcohol policy in place.

Allara Global's new scenario-based course, Drug and Alcohol Awareness,  helps employees develop an understanding of how the use of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace can be harmful, and the impacts it can have on both the business and individuals. 

Through thought-provoking challenges, learners will gain the knowledge needed to identify where there may be issues with their own consumption or that of a colleague, and develop an increased awareness of the steps that can be taken to get help if and when it is needed. The course also familiarises employees with reporting and disciplinary procedures in the case of an incident.

The Drug and Alcohol Awareness course covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • What drug and alcohol abuse is, and the impact it can have in the workplace
  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals and managers
  • Levels of alcohol and classes of drugs that amount to dependence
  • Signs that someone is abusing alcohol or drugs
  • Why a company drug and alcohol policy is important
  • How an organisation’s culture affects the use of drugs and alcohol at work
  • Where to seek help and support services

The interactive course is accessible on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computers, making it easy for your team to complete training anytime, anywhere.

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