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Personal Development

Assess your current skills and learn new ones in a life long quest for further positive personal development.

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Introduction to Leadership

In this course, we will take you through all the leadership essentials you need to know to set goals for your future self.

Emotional Intelligence

You’ve probably heard before that there are different types of intelligence. You might be brainy, or creative, or good with people. Emotional intelligence looks at how effectively we can understand and express ourselves, relate to others, and cope with daily pressures in a constructive way.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Effective communication skills help you express yourself and understand others. They enable you to convey complex ideas, engage audiences, drive action and ask for help or support. Having good communication skills also means being able to explain yourself in a way that others can understand and reciprocate.  


Designed to help notice the signs someone at work may be struggling, how to find the right space and time to ask the question, and how to navigate a conversation if someone says, "No, I'm not OK."


Mindfulness plays a major part in improving our mental health. It aims to decrease judgement and reduce the amount of time we spend dwelling on things which have happened in the past and worrying about the future.

Building Rapport

In this course, we explore techniques for building rapport. This includes the use of conversation, personalisation, body language and managing emotional reactions.