Promoting safe driving at work - New ‘Driver Safety Awareness’ course

Promoting safe driving at work - New ‘Driver Safety Awareness’ course

With businesses becoming more mobile, there's a growing need for staff to travel by car when carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, research shows that road crashes are now the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries and absences from work.

That's why it is essential for all employees to promote and practice safe driving, regardless of whether driving is a small part of their role or something they do every day. Creating a culture and expectation of safe driving among your staff, and providing your team with adequate training can help increase their awareness of road risks and prevent accidents from occurring.

Allara Global's new course, Driver Safety Awareness, explores the essential principles of road safety, and prepares learners to drive safely when carrying out their work. 

The course helps staff understand:

  • The importance of safe driving culture
  • The main causes of accidents and how to avoid them
  • Safe driving responsibilities of individuals and employers
  • Emergency procedures to protect drivers

This interactive course presents learners with activities that challenge them to think about the importance of road safety and their own practices when it comes to safe driving. It equips them with the information needed to keep themselves, and others, safe while driving on the road.

Visit the Driver Safety Awareness course page for more details or to access a demo.