Why online training makes sense for the hospitality industry

Why online training makes sense for the hospitality industry

In recent years, Allara Global has seen more and more hospitality businesses adopt online training as a part of their training repertoire. The combination of online training courses and a Learning Management System makes a lot of sense for hospitality businesses. Here are just some of the benefits:

Minimise compliance risk and reduce workplace injuries
Online training is ideal when on-boarding new team members, and for reminding staff of their legal obligations, best practice techniques and how to avoid common injuries.

An online central repository of training material ensures a consistent learning experience, from one day to the next and from one venue to the next.

An online Learning Management System (LMS) can easily scale to accommodate growth, such as the influx of seasonal workers or the opening of a new venue.

Regulatory updates
Updating a traditional course to reflect new legislation and regulatory changes can be a time-consuming chore. Online training courses can easily be edited to reflect new legislation and regulation updates, within a matter of minutes.

Cost savings
Online learning can reduce the cost of a trainer, time away from the workplace for staff being trained, the expense of a classroom and travel costs.

Training can be scheduled around employees’ work commitments.

Self-paced learning
Online learning can allow students to work at their own pace, training at a speed that suits their needs and taking extra time to review as necessary. This can be useful where students may have different levels of knowledge and experience.

An Learning Management System (LMS) provides administration or HR staff with consistent reports of training undertaken across the organisation.

Allara Global has made it even easier to train your team, creating a library of online courses designed specifically for Australian hospitality businesses.

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